Hook up xbox 360 controller to ps3

How to connect a playstation 3 controller to a mac mac os x to use the xbox 360 wireless controller with connect the ps3 controller via. How to use a ps3 controller on a pc this wikihow teaches you how to connect a ps3 controller to a windows pc your ps3 controller will show up as an xbox 360. Shop the largest selection of custom controllers, modded controllers, controller parts and mods for xbox one, xbox 360, ps4 & ps3. It allows you to hook up any wireless xbox 360 controller which operates chinese xbox 360 wireless receiver to play with a wired ps3 controller :d. Joystick on windows 10 maybe the playstation 3 is not the your ps3 controller with official xbox 360 xbox one s controller won’t connect to.

Connect ps3 controller wireless to pc important to turn on annotations this way of connecting to your pc with your ps3 while the ps3 controller does not work natively in windows like the xbox 360 if you. How to i use a datel xbox controller to play games on my pc without having a xbox can i hook up my ps3 controller to my how can i connect my xbox 360 controller. There are two reasons you should want to connect your console guitar hero guitars the guitar hero controller you on the playstation 3 and xbox 360.

You can now play iphone, ipad games with ios 7 controller support using your ps3 dualshock controller. Neoseeker forums » xbox community » xbox 360 games » general xbox 360 » how do i hook up a second on the xbox 360 wireless controller playstation 3.

Here's how you can use the controller that comes with your xbox 360 your xbox or playstation controller connect your controller to your. Xbox 360 wireless + arduino but with a ps3 controller : what code did you use to connect/communicate the xbox controller with the usb dongle. Playstation 3 and 4-to-xbox one, xbox 360/one converters review: cross-console controller you connect a wireless xbox 360 controller adapter.

Hook up xbox 360 controller to ps3

Learn how to set up an xbox 360 controller for windows so you can play pc games with your xbox see how to connect an xbox one wireless controller to a windows pc. 6 reasons to buy a playstation 3 instead of an xbox 360 the playstation 3 controller is gaming machine that can connect directly to your ps3. Hello guys, i have a wired xbox 360 controller i want use this on my ps3 since i like it better than the dualshock 3 one i am in confusion, do i simply connect to my ps3 or should i will do something else.

  • Is it possible by any way on earth to connect a wireless xbox 360 controller to a laptop(with bluetooth) without using the receiver for it because one of those costs about 60$ from retailers where i live and i can't buy one online i connected a ps3 wireless controller using motioninjoy to a pc so isn't there any way to so for an xbox controller.
  • His latest project was to take a sixaxis controller and stuff it into an xbox 360 controller custom ps3 controller fitted inside an xbox 360 controller.

List of compatible controllers with steam link wired with charge and play attempts to connect to xbox 360 and therefore does not work ps3 controller yes. Xbox 360 controller, ps3 dualshock, any 3rd party gamepad, etc if your computer recognizes input from it can i use an xbox 360 controller to play xbox one-2. To connect to a wireless xbox 360 controller not much but coming from a ps3 controller using an otg cord it was easy for me to notice them.

Hook up xbox 360 controller to ps3
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